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The Care Package is an Assault Killstreak that is acquired at 4 consecutive kills.


When called in, an unarmed MH-6 will drop off a crate which may contain the following:

The Package can be accessed by both allies and enemies, besides the owner. This is important, as the enemy can use the contents of the Package against you.


The Care Package is an essential killstreak in the Assault Package as it is guaranteed to contain good loot. In particular, UAV can be helpful in Hardcore Mode as the minimap is hidden without the use of UAV.

Be careful when calling in Care Packages, as should one be careless, they can be killed by the enemy and have the contents stolen by them. At present, there is no way to prevent this, so caution is advised.

When choosing the drop-off point for the Package, the player is vulnerable to attack. As such, ensure the area is clear before doing so.


  • In earlier versions of the game, Care Packages could contain a Deadswitch.