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Estate is a medium outdoor map with a single fortified building.


Estate has an additional shed added near the house, along with another set of ladders used to access the rooftop. Estate is the most popular map for Survival games, due to the relative safety of the rooftop.

Underneath the building is a maintenance hatch containing sandbags and an explosive barrel, making it perfect to survive enemy Helicopters and Reapers as these aircraft cannot fly low enough to access the hatch. However, enemy Dragonfires can enter the maintenance hatch, which may catch newer players by surprise.


Controlling the main building should be top priority when playing on Estate. It allows the player to cover the long sightline to the left, and also an advantage over enemies entering from the right.

The middle shed can also be a good place to camp, as it offers a good tactical position. However, be careful as there is an explosive barrel on the roof of the shed, which may make you prone to an explosive death.

In Survival, enemies will only take the right-most ladder to access the roof. This means players would only need to secure one end, instead of flanks.

In Infected, camping on the rooftop is a good way to run down the clock as a survivor as it is very difficult for the Infected to climb up via the left ladder.



  • The middle shed was added in v1.5.2.
  • The small ladder on the left side of the main building was added in v1.5.2.
  • Bots don't use the small ladder on the left side of the main building.
  • At the right end of the house, there is a car that solely exists as a background prop. As such, this makes Estate, along with Downturn's pickup truck the only maps to feature land vehicles.
  • Access to the underground area from the main building was added in v1.5.8.