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Outpost is a medium winter map with a control tower in the center.


The main focus of Outpost is the large central control tower, providing sight lines over each side of the map.

Also featured is a tunnel beneath the bridge, which can be used to evade enemy air support as aircraft cannot fly low enough to access the tunnel.

Dragonfires can still access the tunnel which may catch newer players off guard. Explosive barrels can be found in either side of the tunnel.


Controlling the center of the map is key. Camping the central tower can give you good sightlines of either side of the map, but beware of enemy snipers who can still take you out.

The underground portion of the map can be accessed view ladders on either side of the bridge, allowing the player to escape incoming grenades or other explosives.

Use the underground area to avoid enemy helicopters and airstrikes.



  • The underground portion of Outpost was added in v1.5.1.